Complete Wordpress Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Monthly Contracts

For $499/month, I can keep WordPress and any plugins you are using updated to help keep your website secure. You will also get daily backups of your entire website and hourly database backups.

*Hourly rates are available too, contact me to find out more.

$499/mo WordPress Maintenance
Daily Full Website Backups
Hourly Database Backups
Regular Plugin Updates
Regular WordPress Updates
Complete Restore of Website in the Event of a Failure
SSL Renewal Reminders
Uptime Monitoring. Get Notified if Your Website Is Down
Up to 2 Hours of Small Changes to Your Website

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Keeping Up On Updates

Staying on top of all the WordPress and WordPress Plugin updates can be a challenge, but keeping your website updated is very important. Many of the updates are security updates that help keep unwanted people (hackers) out of your website. Many of the updates also fix bugs and add many useful/helpful new features.

I will keep your website up to date and will do daily backups, just in case something goes wrong. If something happens and you need to restore your website to a previous state, I can do that for you. By having daily full site backups and hourly database backups, you can stay reassured that you will not lose any data if something bad were to happen.