Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

You may have heard of “Mobile-Friendly Web Design” (also referred to as “Responsive Web Design”), and are unsure what this means. Having a mobile friendly website is the best way to assure that your website will look great on every device (ie. iPad, iPhone, TVs, Watches, Laptops, Desktops, etc) today and in the future.

What is Mobile-Friendly Web Design

“Mobile-Friendly Web Design” is when a website adapts to fit the screen of whichever device it is viewed on. For example, if someone visits your website on their smartphone it will appear as if it was developed specifically for that phone. If another user visits your website on their tablet, it will still adapt perfectly to that device. This holds true for that website being viewed on any device or screen size. The user will not have to scroll over (or zoom in and out ) to view the website in its entirety, or have to read impossibly tiny text. It will responsively adapt to whichever device it is viewed on.

The Best Part

The best part of mobile-friendly web design is that you only have to pay for one website. All of the examples above use the same code to dynamically change the layout so it will be custom-tailored to the device being used.