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Geoffrey Rose Design provides custom web design and web development services to Spokane, WA, and the surrounding area. All websites that I design and develop will be professional and will look great on any devices they are viewed on with mobile-friendly web design.

Web Design Services

Custom Website Design

Having a well-designed website is important. A primary reason it's important is it will help build trust with people visiting your website. When your website looks good, it will give the impression you know what you are doing and can be trusted.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

You may have heard of "Mobile-Friendly" web design, but unsure what this is. Having a mobile-friendly website means your website will look great on every device. Anything from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other internet-enabled devices, your website will look great. It will appear to tailored to that device, but when in fact, it is the same website. No more need for a mobile-only website that doesn't look like your primary website.

Website Redesign

Websites need to be redesigned, refreshed, every so often, it is the nature of the beast. New technology is released, your business model changes, you offer new services, or you want to offer new services, but your website is no longer up to the task. Or maybe your website looks old and outdated. It may be time to update your website with a fresh clean look to be more appealing to your current customers, and better represent your needs.

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Custom Web Design

The design of a website is essential. Having a well-designed website improves the user’s experience and can keep your customers coming back. When a website provides a positive user experience, customers are more likely to purchase your products or services and recommend them to their friends and family. Even if you have the most amazing products and services around, a sub-par website experience could send a potential or long-standing customer elsewhere.

All websites that I build come with a custom web design that will be created around your specific needs and goals. I do not use “pre-built” designs or themes and then adjust it ever so slightly to make it look “custom.” By not using a pre-built theme, this ensures that no other website or even worse, a competitor’s website would have the same design as yours. Having a unique design is important from a branding standpoint, as well. You want your website to be immediately recognizable by your customers or potential customers and reassure customers that this is the website for your business.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Mobile-friendly web design, (also known as responsive web design), ensures that a website will look exceptional no matter what device they are viewed on. Anything from your smartphone, your tablet, or your laptop, your website will look great. It will appear that your website is tailored made for you and your device, but when, in fact, it is the same website. No more do you need a mobile-only website, that looks nothing like your main website.

Having a mobile-friendly website is vital because the number of people who browse the web on their phones, tablets and other mobile devices is rising (and it’s a lot). Nearly 50% of all web traffic today now comes from mobile devices. The integrity of your site should not be lost because of poor design and the inability to adapt to various devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you may be missing out on many potential customers.

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